Bristol, England
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Living Accommodations for Bristol, England

You will be responsible for working with the University of Bristol directly to reserve and pay for housing. You will receive more information about this process once you've been approved by USAC.

Residence Halls

Study abroad students have the opportunity to live in on-campus accommodations, making it easy to meet other students.

Study abroad students have the opportunity to live in ...

The University’s residence halls are mostly located at Stoke Bishop, near the University’s sports ground or Clifton near the campus. Accommodations are mostly in single study/bedrooms, but a few doubles are available. You will choose between catered (meals included) or self-catered (you cook for yourself) options. Self-catering halls have well-equipped kitchens. Each of the halls is equipped with a computer room linked to the university network. Hall residents elect a Junior Common Room Committee that organizes social, cultural, and sporting events.