Prague, Czech Republic
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About Prague, Czech Republic

  • Population: 1.3 million
  • Distance from Berlin: 174 miles
  • Distance from Paris: 550 miles
Prague Castle, with St. Vitus Cathedral in the center, is perhaps the most recognizable building in Prague. It was founded around the year 880 and, from the 10th century on, was the seat of the head of state and highest representatives of the church. The Castle is open to visitors and you can see the Changing of the Guard at the gates every hour during the day.

Prague Castle, with St. Vitus Cathedral in the center, ...

Prague, rich in history, has existed for more than a millennium. Old and new features of the city form a unity of styles not seen anywhere else. You may see its beauty from the hills around the city, from old bridges and steamer ships on the Vltava River, and even from rowboats. With its narrow curved streets, marvelous courtyards and green parks that make up 30% of downtown, Prague is a city for those who love to walk. Any evening in Prague may turn into a wonderful experience, from a leisurely stroll to taking in one of the many concerts and marionette shows available.

Prague is situated in the middle of the Czech Republic, and in just a few hours you can be in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, or Poland. During a free weekend you can board an overnight train and wake up in Krakow or Berlin. The small but very modern Prague airport offers good opportunities to fly to most places in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. There are also several student travel agencies offering bargain flights to destinations that are popular to many students.