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Parents of Study Abroad Students

Hello Parents! We know this is a big step for you and your student, and we applaud that you have begun your research to find out who we are and what we can offer as an education abroad provider.

For more than 40 years, we have created and managed international programs with a strong commitment to high quality academics, culture and language learning, immersion and interaction with the local community and host university, and an overall well-rounded experience abroad.

Your student is in great hands. Since we began in 1982, our veteran staff have helped over 50,000 students and we are proud of the 95% recommendation rate given to us by students. We love our job and are committed to making USAC programs the best they can be for students like yours. It is our goal to prepare and guide you and your student through an amazing, quality, academically strong and unique study abroad experience.

We know that you and your student may have questions. We hope our website answers many of those for you and gives you an idea of who we are and what we offer as an international education non-profit organization.

Where to Begin?


"We felt that the entire USAC process and program was great, they answered any questions we had both before and during the semester, And our son Daniel spoke very highly of the Prague staff, Jan and Dasa. Personally I felt that USAC delivered on all that it promised and that is a rare quality in a study abroad program."

- Stephen Levine, parent of USAC Prague student

"This was a wonderful, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience for our daughter. The fusion of a small historic town and a first-rate university generates great synergies. And where else is a “Roman civilization” class actually held in the Forum, or a cinema class held at Fellini's studio? We are also grateful for the travel opportunities provided, as well as the opportunities for outside activities (internships, radio shows, UN participation). Our thanks go out to the entire USAC team, in the US and Italy, for making our daughter feel safe, welcome and valued, and for providing an exceptional learning experience."

- Mark Dudley, parent of USAC Viterbo student

"What a wonderful experience this was for my daughter. USAC gave her the opportunity to earn college credits, earn money teaching English to Spanish students and learn about the world. When she came home she seemed more confident and mature. You have a wonderful program and I'm glad she had this opportunity."

- Susan Ballesteros, parent of USAC Bilbao student

"They were very friendly and very helpful. They answered all my concerns and questions to my satisfaction. I loved the whole program. It was a growth experience for my child that she will cherish her entire life. She was exposed to new cultures and was able to live in a culture which provides a complete new path of development for the student. They see life in a whole new way. They couldn't get that from just visiting in the country. They have to immerse themselves in the culture."

- Ruth Olesen, parent of USAC Reggio Emilia student