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Living Accommodations for Valencia, Spain


Living in an apartment is a great choice for students who prefer an independent lifestyle but are used to group living. The Valencia program offers a variety of affordable apartment options and USAC students will be placed among one of the apartment buildings located throughout the city.

The apartments usually have 3-6 bedrooms and each student will have an individual bedroom. Each apartment has a large kitchen, a living room, and 1-2 bathrooms. They are fully furnished, including bedding and kitchenware. You can walk to the university in under 45 minutes, take a bus/metro (30-40 Euros/month pass, approx. 25-35 minutes), or take a bike (city bicycles can be rented around town for 30 Euros a year, the first 30 minutes of each rental is free and it only takes 15-20 minutes to bike to the university).

Bedroom in student apartment in Valencia, Spain.Bedroom
Exterior of student apartment in Valencia, Spain.Exterior
Kitchen in student apartment in Valencia, Spain.Kitchen
Balcony in student apartment in Valencia, Spain.Balcony


The Resa Patacona Private Residence Hall is a great option for students who have an independent lifestyle, or those who want a high exposure to Spanish and international students. Students who live in residence halls in Europe generally are older (later undergraduate degree to graduate degrees) and include students who are studying for a specific time period such as European students studying in the Erasmus Study Abroad Program.

The dorm is co-ed, with each student getting their own individual room with ensuite bathroom, and features a variety of amenities including a small gym, pool, eating hall, laundry room, a screening room that can be reserved, and a 24/7 reception desk. The dorm is located just a five minute walk from Patacona Beach.

Bathroom in Resa Patacona dormitory in Valencia, Spain.Bathroom in dorm
Bedroom in Resa Patacona dormitory in Valencia, Spain.Bedroom in dorm
Reception area in Resa Patacona dormitory in Valencia, Spain.Reception area in dorm


A homestay is a great opportunity to immerse yourself into the daily life of a Spanish family. Homestays include three meals per day and provide an unmatched opportunity to speak Spanish and learn Spanish customs. This option is not advisable if you have an independent lifestyle or strict eating habits.

Student with host mom in Valencia, Spain.Student with host mom
Student with host family in Valencia, Spain.Student with host family