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Visa Requirements

U.S. Citizens

Potential Visa Application Materials

The visa application process is complex and can change at any given moment.

Each program term, USAC reviews and updates internal Visa Guides to include the most current visa requirements outlined on the Spanish Embassy and Consulate website. USAC does its best to provide students with the most up to date visa information; however, students will be responsible to continuously refer to the Spanish Consulate website for any updated visa application and submission requirements.

Non-U.S. Citizens

Non-U.S. Citizens, you will need to check with your home country consulate and the embassy of the country in which you plan to study regarding visa requirements. Permanent Residents of the U.S. should check with U.S. Immigration as leaving the country for more than one year may jeopardize permanent resident status. Tax clearance and re-entry forms may also be necessary in these cases.