Bilbao / Getxo, Spain
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Tours and Field Studies for Bilbao / Getxo, Spain

USAC encourages every student to participate on the tours/field studies; however, they are optional and have an additional fee. You may choose to participate for pleasure as a tour or as a one-credit field study course. The field study requires you to complete additional academic requirements, keep a journal, and engage in discussions of the the sites visited to better understand their historical and cultural contexts. Destinations may change at the discretion of the Resident Director.

The following are possible destinations, view term calendars for specifics.

Santiago Tour and Field Study

On the Santiago Tour/Field Study, you will hike the last 70 miles of the medieval pilgrim path of Santiago over five days. The Camino de Santiago is a spiritual journey that pilgrims of all faiths and backgrounds have traversed for over a thousand years. You will experience this truly unique, introspective journey while learning more about Spain's history and culture.

Madrid Tour and Field Study

Students on the tour will stay at a centrally located hotel and spend four days discovering the artistic and historic charms of Madrid. You’ll take bus trips to the medieval city of Toledo, Valley of the Fallen, and the town of Segovia, famous for its Roman aqueduct and castle, and visit many sites within the city of Madrid, including the Royal Palace and the Prado Museum.