St Andrews, Scotland
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Living Accommodations for St Andrews, Scotland

USAC students attending St Andrews are required to live in university housing while attending St Andrews, and to comply with all St Andrews housing rules and regulations.

Residence Halls

St Salvator's Hall or often called "Sallies" by residents, is known for its great view of the North Sea and St. Andrews Castle.

St Salvator's Hall or often called "Sallies" by ...

Residence halls range from the former Archbishop’s house at Deans Court to attractive St Salvator’s Hall (better known as ‘Sallies’) to New Hall, a more modern residence hall. In each one, students are provided with a well-furnished study bedroom (either shared or single) serviced by a cleaning service on a regular basis. Some halls offer private ‘en-suite’ bathrooms while others are shared. Libraries, computer rooms, and lounges provide ample opportunity for both academic and social activities. Utility rooms are provided and are equipped for making tea and coffee as well as for washing and ironing personal laundry.