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Field Trips for Nagasaki, Japan

During the semester, the Japan Studies in Nagasaki (JASIN) program staff organize field trips for students. Specific destinations are subject to change. The following are typical events and activities.

Mochi making in Japan.Mochi-Making Event

Available in December only

Join in with the local community for an end of the year festival and experience traditional mochi making. You will get the chance to see how this pounded rice cake treat is made by hand.

Flower fields of Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki, Japan.Sasebo: Huis Ten Bosch

Available in May/June and October/November only

Experience Nagasaki's unique Dutch history by visiting a theme park that recreates the Netherlands with full-size copies of old Dutch buildings. Known for flower festivals, the park also boasts global cuisine and adventure rides for a full day with international students.

Shimabara Castle in Nagasaki, Japan.Shimabara Hot Springs Resort

Available in April and September only

This is an overnight trip that includes visits to Shimabara Castle, a traditional Japanese dinner, and relaxing in the largest outdoor foot spa in Japan overlooking the Tachibana Bay.