Nagasaki, Japan
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Living Accommodations for Nagasaki, Japan


Most study abroad students stay with host families. The age and makeup of the host family and their apartment, condominium, or house vary; however, all hosts are chosen because they hope to introduce you to aspects of Japanese culture and assist you as you try to learn their language. Generally, one student is assigned to a family, though sometimes two or more students are assigned if the home has the space and resources. A morning and evening meal are included each day. Students must complete application materials in by the deadline (April 15 for fall; October 15 for spring) to be eligible for this option.

Residence Hall

Students relax in the Ampelos dormitory lounge.

Students relax in the Ampelos dormitory lounge.

Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies has an on-campus residence hall, Ampelos, for Japanese and international students to live and learn together. Each single and double room has an air-conditioner and heaters, a small kitchenette, a private bathroom and shower, and a telephone, as well as desks, chairs, futons, and high-speed wireless. Laundry facilities, a cafeteria, and open cooking areas are available in the residence hall building. The Ampelos residence hall also features 24/7 staffing and fingerprint-lock entry with no curfew.

Residence hall students enjoy festivals and events prepared by the staff and Residential Assistants throughout the semester. USAC students who remain for a full academic year also have an opportunity to become Residential Assistants and participate side-by-side with Japanese students in event planning and other activities.