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Tours and Field Studies for Reggio Emilia, Italy

Due to the current world health situation, all optional tours and field studies have been cancelled during Fall 2020. Please contact your Program Advisor for more information.

USAC encourages every student to participate in the tours; however, they are optional and have an additional fee. Destinations may change at the discretion of the Resident Director.

The following are possible destinations, view term calendars for specifics.

Ravenna and Rimini

We will explore Ravenna, a remarkable city, home to at least eight UNESCO world heritage monuments and astounding examples of mosaic, painting, sculpture, and architecture. The city also hosts the tomb of Dante Alighieri, father of the Italian language and poem of the Divine Comedy. We will continue our tour in Rimini, a lively city on the Adriatic Sea also famous for its Roman tradition, beaches, film director Fellini's cinematic locations, sports, spas, amusement parks, and its delicious Piadina Romagnola, a sort of flat bread, usually filled with cheese, vegetables, or meat.

San Marino and Rimini

We will start our tour in the Republic of San Marino, an independent microcity located in the heart of Italy, where we will enjoy the beautiful view of the Romagna Coast from the hilltop. San Marino claims to be the most ancient European republic, symbold of good diplomacy, hospitality, peace, and freedom. The tour will continue in Rimini, a lively city on the Adriatic sea, where you will enjoy its culture, traditions, cuisine, sea, beaches, film director Fellini's filming locations, spas, amusement parks, water sports, and nightlife!

San Marino, Rimini, and Ravenna

The Republic of San Marino is an independent microstate that lies in the heart of Italy between Marche and Emilia Romagna regions. It claims to be the most ancient European Republic, a symbol of good diplomacy, hospitality, peace and freedom, all qualities that allowed the small enclave to maintain its liberty and independence across the centuries. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Romagna coast from the tower. And don’t forget to go shopping in the narrow fancy streets full of shops and boutiques where everything is a bargain!

Rimini is a lively and crowded city on the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy the thousand faces of Rimini: sea and beach, history, art and culture, famous film director Fellini’s cinematic locations, venues and new trends, sport activities, relax and spa, amusement parks, country-side and castles, local gastronomy, shopping tour and many events for all tastes and for all ages. Walk across the piazzas, bridges, arches, and the churches of the city center, lay in the sun on the sandy beaches immediately outside the city center and enjoy the fascinating beach/social life at night.

Ravenna is a remarkable city known as home to at least 8 UNESCO world heritage monuments and a wide range of jaw-dropping examples of mosaic, painting, sculpture, and architecture. The city’s historical and cultural importance is also due to its strategic location on the Adriatic coast and site of the tomb of Dante Alighieri, father of the Italian language and storied poet of the Divine Comedy, considered by some the greatest poet and work of Italian literature. We will have a guided tour of the city and enjoy a local lunch together.

Lago di Garda, Sirmione, Mantua, and Verona

Located in a beautiful peninsula on the southern coast of the Garda Lake, Sirmione, also called the pearl of the lake, is an ancient and charming centre whose magic atmosphere is was immortalized in the famous verses of the Latin poet Catullo in the first century BC. Visit the impressive historical remains and the biggest Roman villa in Northern Italy, take a picture of the beautiful landscape and don’t forget to lay in the sun on the shore of the beautiful lake!

Mantua is a city of art that embodies all the cultural beauties of its glorious past. The city is very famous for its Renaissance architectural style. Stop by the Ducal Palace, former residence of the Gonzaga family, with its unforgettable apartments rich in works of art. Immerse yourself in the city center and take some time to taste the famous local recipes that you won’t forget!

Veneto is a fascinating northeastern region bordering on the Adriatic Sea, and Verona is one of Italy’s most picturesque cities. It is the legendary home of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and site of some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the country, including an amazing Roman arena where operas are still performed.

Italian Food Highlights and Hospitality Field Study

USAC organizes a 1-credit field study course each semester that uses the mouth-watering culinary backdrop of the Emilia Romagna region to help students learn about Italian food and hospitality. We will focus on examples of the Italian food industry, well-known around the world, including Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, balsamic vinegar, prosciutto, and gelato. Visits to at least 2-3 production sites and points of sale will be scheduled. Discussions and presentations by local experts in the fields of Italian food production, sales and hospitality will be included, as well as one group meal. While Italian cuisine and nutrition will be the main focus, the related topic of hospitality will also be addressed to give students a sense of Italian food and hotel hospitality via restaurant and hotel visits.

The schedule will be announced upon arrival. The field study is not an overnight tour, but will include 2-4 individual field trips through the semester to select sites. Locations may include Reggio Emilia, Parma, Modena, or Bologna. Students are not allowed to audit the course, and must register for the optional tour in order to participate. Students will be required to keep a detailed journal throughout the field study, to respond and reflect on topics and questions posed by the professor. A final paper and presentation will be required as part of the final course evaluation.

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