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Internships for Haifa, Israel

Qualified students of the Haifa program may apply to do an internship in the community. The University of Haifa internship program features directed work-study experiences related to your academic or vocational interests; the internships are unpaid and for academic credit (up to four credits). The program is coordinated by a member of the International School faculty along with on-site supervisors who hold academic or professional credentials.

Interested students must complete a supplemental application for the internship before the semester begins. Upon admission to the International School and receipt of the internship program application, the Internship Coordinator will be in touch with the student about possible internship locations. When the student arrives to Haifa, she or he will meet with the supervisor at the internship location. Together they will establish the student's schedule.

Internships are mostly focused in the areas of social services, health services, and education, but other possibilities may be available.