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Activities for Haifa, Israel

USAC students have full access to campus facilities and events, including workshops, lectures, conferences, and events that take place on campus. The International School offers social and cultural events for international students, including concerts, lectures about Israeli society, and holiday celebrations, as well as weekly movie nights and Tarbut Yom Gimmel (Cultural Tuesday) on Tuesday nights. International students are also welcome to join in activities organized by the Student Association of the University of Haifa, including classes in kick-boxing, yoga, and salsa dancing, weekly concerts on campus, celebrations at the beginning and end of the school year, and for different holidays, and Student Day, a multi-day event in the spring that includes concerts by top Israeli artists at the beach, crafts fairs, and trips to a nearby water park.

The University of Haifa provides additional ways to immerse yourself in Israeli society, including volunteer opportunities both on and off campus. On holidays and/or Sabbath days, you may request to join a local family for a meal and festivities. The International School also has full-time Madrichim (social activities coordinators) who build and implement the social activities program. The Madrichim live on campus and it is their responsibility to assist you in immersing yourself in campus life. All social activities planned by the International School are included in the program fee, so we encourage you to take advantage of them all. The International School will also provide information and announcements about outside activities, which may have an additional fee.