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Semester Internship and Research Programs

In-Person Internship and Research Opportunities

USAC internship and research opportunities are a great way to enhance your educational experience abroad while contributing to your academic and professional development. During your internship or research experience, you will work closely with a USAC Resident Director (RD) and/or internship coordinator as well as a professional supervisor who will oversee your work and serve as a mentor. Through these collaborative relationships, you will gain valuable experience and skills that can be applied to your chosen career field, deepen your intercultural communication and language skills, expand your professional network, and immerse yourself in the workplace culture of your host country.
Among the many benefits of an internship experience,
  • Learn about a career that matches your academic and personal interests hands-on experience
  • Master highly sought-after soft skills such as time management, teamwork, and problem solving
  • Build a network of professional contacts
  • Improve your resume
  • Cultivate intercultural communication skills that are essential in a globalized workforce

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