Bengaluru, India
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Host University for Bengaluru, India

Christ University beautifully incorporates nature in the design and is always bustling with local students eager to share their culture.

Christ University beautifully incorporates nature in the ...

Christ University, founded in 1969 as Christ College, was the first college in Karnataka to be accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and is rated A+, the highest rating a college can achieve. It now has autonomous status and is recognized as an Indian university. The tree-lined campus is host to 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students from every state in India. It has a bank, public phone access (to call locally and internationally), computer labs, and free access to wireless internet in many parts of campus. There are also several sports facilities including courts for basketball and tennis as well as fields for soccer and cricket. The library, counseling center, cafeteria, and several smaller eating venues are all easily accessible on campus.

Students can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the cafeteria for less than $4 per day or they can choose to explore the inexpensive local cuisine. Traditional Bengaluru cuisine consists of dishes seasoned with coconut, chilies, and garam masalas. The coffee, steamed rice cakes (idli), and rice and lentil crepes (dosas) are some of the best in India.

USAC students are issued a Christ University student ID which allows them full access to all campus facilities and events, as well as access to student discounts in and around Bengaluru. A multiplex cinema, cappuccino bars, supermarket, discount shopping center and mall are all a five- to ten-minute walk from campus.