Lyon, France
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Field Trips for Lyon, France

You are encouraged to participate in the included program field trips. These excursions generally take place on weekends. In addition to the including program field trips, you'll also have field trips as part of many of your courses and have numerous informal activities that expose you to the local culture as well.

Dates and exact locations are at the discretion of the Resident Director and they vary from session and session and semester to semester. Common destinations include the following.


This little city, located between a lake and the surrounding mountains, is one of the favorite places to visit while anyone is in France. Only 1.5 hours from Lyon, the charms of the lake and canals passing through the old city make Annecy unforgettable for its visitors. You will be able to wander around the city and along the banks of the lake while admiring the landscape. Take a stroll, shop at the open market in the old town, rent a bike or a boat for a few hours, or just bring your swimming suit and take advantage of the clear water.


Avignon is one of the most important cities in the region of Provence, while retaining the charms, narrow streets, and Roman ruins of towns in the area. Its skyline is marked by the Popes’ Palace, a huge monument erected at the top of the city nearly one-thousand years ago. Avignon’s bridge is also an important landmark, as the song Sur le Pont d’Avignon comes from it. This overnight field trip will coincide with the Avignon Theatre Festival; every summer the city organizes an arts festival that attracts people from all over the world to perform on stage in the courtyard of the Popes’ Palace. Close to a thousand shows are presented over a three-week period.


Situated just north of Lyon, the rolling hills of Bourgogne (Burgundy) are full of French country life. This region is a hub for some of France’s most-beloved cuisine. You will get a glimpse of old European traditions and taste the region’s specialties. You will be able to visit an eighteenth-century castle and its garden, check out fifteenth-century hospices—a symbol of the region—and hike up the rock of Solutré, which offers a great panorama of the surrounding hills.


Situated between Bourgogne and Lyon, the Beaujolais region has a lot to offer to its visitors, especially when it comes to cuisine. Renowned for its wine, the region also offers breathtaking landscapes and towns. You will be able to experience the beauty of the region while trying some specialties and enjoying your surroundings. You will be able to visit the towns of Theizé, Oingt, Villefranche, and visit a castle dating to the thirteenth century.

The French Alps

Since the first winter Olympics in 1924, the French Alps have been a must-visit destination for winter sports enthusiasts. You will get a chance to experience the micro-culture surrounding the Alps while experiencing its dramatic natural beauty. You will have the choice to explore in the beautiful mountains with snowshoes, soak in the French alps atmosphere of the little ski resort or ski/snowboard in the mountains for a day.