Lyon, France
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Living Accommodations for Lyon, France

Homestay (Semester, Year or Summer Session I)

Boarding with a family provides an unmatched opportunity for practicing your French, experiencing French culture and customs. While a homestay is not for everyone, generally we recommend living in a local home. The host family will provide you with an individual room, daily breakfast, and dinners five days a week. Private homes are located within Lyon or its suburbs.

Residence Halls

Residence halls are a suitable option for those who have an independent lifestyle, but are used to group living, or for those who want to have higher exposure to French and international students. Students can choose from a single room or shared apartment in the University Residence Hall, or a private studio in the Private Residence Hall, both of which are off campus. Depending on the option you select, kitchen facilities will be available either in your room, or on each floor of the residence hall. You can also eat at the university restaurant inexpensively.