About USAC
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Working With or Joining the Consortium

Students from any university are welcome to enroll in USAC programs; since 1982, USAC has hosted students from over 800 universities worldwide on our programs.

USAC has always enjoyed the close and personal relationships and strategic governance that comes from a small consortium; as a result, USAC selectively seeks new members. However, we are proud and committed to provide the same level of individualized service and personal attention to students and staff from any university, whether part of the consortium or not. We work to build and maintain lasting relationships with a wide network of universities; we appreciate your interest in USAC and would be happy to work with your university to develop and further a beneficial relationship for you and your students.

For a list of the universities that have sent students on USAC programs from 2012 to present, click here to see the home universities of USAC students.