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Equity and Inclusion Self Assessment

First, ask yourself...

Preparation is key. Below are some common questions to consider and research as you prepare to study abroad. Knowing how to react — and avoid — a tricky situation will ensure you will be a wise and worldly traveler.

  • How will aspects of my identity be perceived abroad?
    • Are there stereotypes about certain identities in the country I am going to?
    • Will I be a minority while abroad?
  • How do I perceive the people from the country I am going to?
    • How did I come up with these stereotypes?
  • How much of my identity do I plan on sharing with others while abroad?
  • Are there cultural norms and/or laws that could affect my safety with regards to expressing my identity abroad?
  • Am I prepared to educate others about my identity who may not understand or be familiar?
  • How will I react to others who may not support my identity?
  • Who can I turn to for support?
  • How can I be an ally to others like me and others not like me?
  • What resources are available abroad related to my identity?
    • Research if you will have access to hair care/skin products abroad.
    • Transitioning students: consider how you will continue your HRT while abroad, and/or any other medically-related needs.
  • Talk to students with similar backgrounds who have already studied abroad.
    • Don’t know any? Ask USAC for a past student list!
  • If your parents aren’t supportive of your desire to study abroad, what resources are you taking advantage of in order to help them understand and support your decision?
  • If you are a DACA student, have you discussed your plans to study abroad with your lawyer and/or the
  • Title IX Office at your home university?

Contact an Enrollment Specialist to discuss your options in detail, and make sure you have a safe experience while traveling abroad.