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Korea Study Abroad Programs

View of the sea from a cliffside in Gwangju, Korea.

South Korea is a peninsula, surrounded by water; its only border is shared with North Korea at the 38th parallel (called the “Truce Line”). Korea is traditionally known as “the Land of the Morning Calm,” with a temperate climate while experiencing all four seasons. Over 70% of the land is mountainous with rugged ranges and deep valleys located in the eastern regions. The coastline is dotted with bays, and it has some of the highest tides in the world. Beaches on the eastern side are sandy, while the western side consists mainly of mud flats and rocky shores.

The Korean culture has evolved from a series of kingdoms and dynasties, and has become one of Asia's economic success stories. The country continues to evolve, attracting more direct foreign investment and revising internal and international policies. Although they have borrowed from other cultures, especially China and Japan, Koreans have maintained their own distinctive language, culture, and customs. It is a society heavily based on Confucianism, which even in modern times retains the basic patterns and manners of family-centered life. Education is the most valued aspect of Korean culture, as it is considered the key to success, respect, and power.

Which Korea program is right for you?

With USAC, you get to choose between four different programs in Korea: Gwangju, Seoul - Kookmin University, Seoul - Korea University, and Seoul - Yonsei University. They’re all unique in their own way, so no matter what type of journey you’re looking for, one of them is sure to fit your needs.

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