Galway, Ireland
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On-Site Staff for Galway, Ireland

USAC Resident Directors Mark Quigley and Patrick Bixby have lived in Ireland are experts in providing tours of the city and university campus.

USAC Resident Directors Mark Quigley and Patrick Bixby ...

Specialty Programs have an on-site Resident Director (RD) who provides comprehensive support to students throughout their study abroad experience. RDs are responsible for the academic curriculum and faculty.

Dr. Mark Quigley and Dr. Patrick Bixby are the alternating RDs for Galway. Mark is a professor of Irish literature and cinema at the University of Oregon. He spent his childhood in County Tipperary, just to the south of County Galway. Patrick is a professor of English, specializing in Irish studies, at Arizona State University. He has family roots in Costelloe on the famous Carroe Road, Co. Galway, and is often in Ireland for teaching and research.

The RD, assisted by program staff, meets the group flight at the airport, provides an on-site orientation, takes you to your program housing, and organizes tours and activities for the program.