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Summer Internship and Research Application and Placement

How to Apply

  • Begin with the USAC online application. See the How to Apply Page for more information
  • Login to your USAC Student Gateway account and complete remaining application requirements.
  • Submit the Internship Placement Form available in your Student Gateway account
  • Once your internship application has been submitted, you will be contacted by the USAC internship team to begin the placement process. The internship placement process will take place concurrently with the USAC Admission process.

Internship Placement Process

  • During the placement process, students can expect at least two interviews:

    • Initial placement screening interview with USAC Internship Team
      • Confirm Pre-Approval status by agreeing to move forward with the placement process and have your application materials reviewed by onsite staff.
      • Beginning of the formal placement process.
      • You should only accept your pre-approval if you are fully committed to the internship experience.
    • Formal placement interview with Resident Director and/or site supervisor.
      • Placement contract signed and placement confirmed.
      • Ready for final USAC approval.