L√ľneburg, Germany

Tours and Field Studies for Lüneburg, Germany


Your stay in Berlin will be a busy one. The Resident Director will take you on several walking and bus/public transportation tours of this colorful city. Sites visited on the tour may include: Berlin Mitte, where you will see the famous Brandenburg Gate; the Reichstag Building and the new Government Quarter; the famous boulevard Unter den Linden; the former Berlin Wall; Potsdamer Platz and its Memorial sites; one of the beautiful castles; and many other interesting places of political, historical and cultural importance. One night will include a group outing to see a theatre, performance, or classical concert.

USAC encourages every student to participate on the Berlin Tour; however, this segment of the program is optional for an additional fee and space is limited. You will sign up for the tour on your Course and Tour Registration Form.