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Program Highlights for San Ramón, Costa Rica

  • Study upper division science courses in an ideal location for ecology, biology, and health sciences, in small groups with field experience.
  • Participate in independent research, internships, or volunteer in field-related institutions.
  • Get hands-on experiential learning about local flora and fauna in field study courses.
  • Explore interesting, beautiful areas of Costa Rica on field trips.
  • Enjoy a small town atmosphere with easy access to the cultural, historic, and urban highlights of San José, and to the Pacific coast.
  • The USAC Resident Director and staff are present on-site full-time to welcome and support you during your term abroad.

Why Study in San Ramón?

A flower in the rainforest of Costa Rica.Student taking in the views of the rainforest while on a hike on Cerro Chato VolcanoCosta Rica.The San Ramón program is designed for science majors interested in learning more about health, ecology, and conservation biology in Costa Rica. You may stay for one or two summer sessions, one semester, or a full year, and choose from courses in tropical ecology, tropical marine biology, conservation biology, environmental policy, and other life science topics within Costa Rica.

You will be able to augment your regular coursework by enrolling in several related field study courses that give you hands-on experience in these subjects. Costa Rica is well known for its extraordinary natural beauty and biodiversity, preserved in its many national parks and reserves, and it is at the forefront of the ecotourism movement. With approval from your university honors program, you also will be able to receive honors credit for certain courses.

A minimum of one year of general biology is required for the above mentioned subjects; therefore, non-science majors interested in Tropical Life Science courses should consider USAC programs in Heredia. The San Ramón program is also complemented by courses in Spanish Language (you may complete up to one year of Spanish language per semester) and Culture or Area Studies. However, these academic courses are only part of the value of the program. Participation in formal and informal activities also provides valuable learning experiences and interaction with the local culture. These activities include cultural events, village festivals, and field trips around San José, to the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, the rain forest, nature reserves, to parliament, and governmental entities.

Quick Details

2024-25 Application Cycle

We're consolidating our Costa Rica program operations in one location and shifting San Ramón courses to Heredia for 2024-25. You'll find exciting new courses in the natural sciences, health, sports science, and psychology in Heredia on top of courses in Spanish language, literature, and Latin American studies.

Passport & Visa requirements