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Activities for San Ramón, Costa Rica

USAC students enjoy the privileges accorded local students at the university. You are encouraged to participate in local university activities, student clubs, and organizations. The campus organizes many activities for students and the community and you are invited to participate in them; you’ll see flyers and signs conveniently located on the boards of each campus building. USAC is well known in the community and therefore there are many opportunities for volunteer work; USAC will help you find the best options for volunteering your time to make sure you get the best out of the experience.

Weekly soccer and social events are scheduled on site, as well as weekly meetings with your intercambio (conversation partner). Birthdays are celebrated once a month, generally during afternoon coffee break. You are also encouraged to participate in the included program field trips.

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

  • Play soccer and volleyball with locals
  • Activities with local students include movie night with Tico friends and assisting in classes
  • Plan activities with Tico friends and host families
  • Engage in activities planned by the Environmental Management Committee of the local hospital
  • Activities organized by the university or by the Municipality of San Ramón
  • Take day trips to San José to visit museums and theatre
  • Hike in the many forest reserves around San Ramón