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Activities for Heredia, Costa Rica

Extracurricular opportunities while you are on the Heredia program include indoor soccer and the intercambio (language partner) program. Students also have the chance to interact with locals by assisting in or tutoring for English-language courses at the university, participating in the Language Exchange Club, as well as by volunteering at a local school. Formal and informal social events are planned as opportunities arise.

USAC students also have access to on-campus activities including movies, live music, performances, and lectures. Festivals, arts, and music are also present and accessible for students around the city. Social events, outings to performances, and other activities are scheduled throughout each session or semester.

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

  • Practice Spanish and make friends with Ticos through organized activities
  • Intern in Chemistry or Education
  • Volunteer at local schools, national parks, or an orphanage
  • Attend Wednesday movies
  • Take workshops in swimming, ceramics, singing, yoga, guitar, aerobics, or dance
  • Use the free gymnasium