Heredia, Costa Rica
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Living Accommodations for Heredia, Costa Rica


Samantha with her host sisters at La Paz waterfalls

Samantha with her host sisters at La Paz waterfalls

You will move in with your host family upon arrival. The families are located within easy commuting distance of the university and will provide you with daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll have a private bedroom and laundry service. Your family will be interested in you and your activities and they will serve as a good source of local practical information and advice; you’ll get to live and learn the “Tico” culture from the perspective of a local family.

Each neighborhood around Heredia generally has a Catholic church, a soccer field (usually one next to the other), a bakery, small restaurants or “sodas” that serve typical food, small stores, and a grocery store or “pulpería.” Neighbors tend to know each other quite well and after school kids can be found playing outside, in the street, or at the nearest park or plaza. The neighborhoods are known for having their own festivals and parades throughout the year. Make sure to visit each neighborhood to see how they celebrate! Boarding with a family provides an unmatched opportunity for speaking Spanish and learning Costa Rican customs and is highly recommended.

To live in an apartment, it will be your responsibility to locate it and to make all rental agreements and payments.