Santiago, Chile

Field Trips for Santiago, Chile

You are encouraged to participate in the included program field trips. In addition to the including program field trips, you'll also have field trips as part of many of your courses and have numerous informal activities that expose you to the local culture as well. For example, specific course field trips are also organized to the National Museum of History, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Pre-Columbian Museum of Art, the Salvador Allende Museum, the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, the National Library, and the recently opened Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center and Andean Museum.

The exact dates and locations are at the discretion of the Resident Director and they vary from session and session and semester to semester. Common destinations include the following.

Viña del Mar and Concón

The coastal city of Viña del Mar and neighboring Concón are considered some of the most attractive tourist cities in the country. With lovely gardens, parks, cliffs, and beaches (and infamously cold water), Viña del Mar is about an hour and a half from Santiago, making it a longtime popular weekend and getaway destination.

Ocoa Valley

This trip to the first national park of the central region of Chile features an attractive valley in the coastal mountain range. Ocoa has great biodiversity and was the source of much of Charles Darwin’s research work in South America. The trip includes a trek in the Palmar de Ocoa, the most important palm tree reserve in the country.

Pomaire and Isla Negra

Pomaire represents an urban and cultural synthesis of ancient indigenous communities from Chile’s central zone and the influence of the Spanish conquest. It is also one of the country’s most important craft centers for pottery. You can purchase the signature red clay pieces inexpensively for souvenirs and try your hand at the potter’s wheel. This excursion includes a visit to Isla Negra, a beautiful seaside town located on Chile’s central coastline. You will tour the home of the poet Pablo Neruda, filled with his eclectic collections, and where he is buried today.

Pre-Andean Mountains: Aconcagua Valley

This excursion offers a view of country life and related activities, such as the production of traditional knitted garments, agricultural customs, and landscape painting. The town’s existence since the conquest by the Incas and by the Spaniards makes the Aconcagua Valley an historic attraction. The trip includes an oil painting workshop with Raul Pizarro, a respected landscape painter in the historic town of Putaendo.

Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

Valparaíso is considered one of Latin America’s most original cities, with a colorful, bohemian vibe. Given its history involving multiple immigrations, architecture, and geographical location, “Valpo” was nominated to be a Cultural Inheritance to Humanity protected by the United Nations. Its distinct urbanism and transportation via “elevators” on the steep hillsides make it one of the South Pacific’s most legendary cities. The coastal city of Viña del Mar is considered one of the most attractive tourist cities in the country.