Getting Started
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How to Apply

Applying to a USAC program is simple.

Your first step is to complete a USAC application online. Once you have completed and submitted your application, you will receive (within 1-3 business days) a personal email from one of our Admissions Specialists to confirm your submission. This email will give you access to your USAC Student Gateway account where you will get further instructions to complete the full application process (specific to your program location).

Please do not submit multiple applications for the same term. If you have more than one program in mind, apply for your first choice now. We'll work with you on other options later, if needed.

It’s also highly recommended that you visit your study abroad office on your home university’s campus for further information. In some instances the application process may differ if you attend a USAC Consortium University. Some home universities require prior approval of coursework. Because USAC students come from universities worldwide, it is impossible for us to know the policies of every participant’s home university. We recommend you speak with your study abroad or academic advisor to ensure transfer of credit to your school. USAC will provide course descriptions or syllabi, whenever possible, if your university or advisor requires this information.

Check your eligibility here: Eligibility Requirements.

Approvals are on a rolling, first-come/first-served basis for qualified applicants. students are encouraged to apply early as some programs may fill prior to application deadlines.