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Join us on social media to keep up to date on what's going on in your study abroad location and to stay in contact with friends.

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Share Your Experience

We want to hear your stories from your time abroad and updates on what you are up to today. USAC has been providing study abroad opportunities for over 30 years; we always want to know what you've accomplished and how study abroad has impacted your life after returning home, after graduation, in your career, and beyond.

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Go Again Alumni Discounts

Here at USAC, we know that money matters. In many cases, discounts are available if a student is to attend a second USAC program. This discount applies to all USAC students with no outstanding balance who return from or extend to a USAC Specialty program.

  • Students who have returned from or are currently participating on a USAC semester/year program are eligible for a $500 discount for another semester/year Specialty program or a $300 discount for a summer or January Specialty program.
  • Students who return from or are currently participating on a USAC summer or January program are eligible for a $300 discount for a semester/year Specialty program or $100 discount for another summer or January Specialty program.

Start a Scholarship

There are many ways to share your experience and give back to your community. One special way of doing so is to pay it forward. USAC offers multiple opportunities to help fund a student's study abroad experience and provide them with this life-changing journey. If you're interested in learning more about starting a scholarship or contributing to an existing scholarship, contact the Scholarship Coordinator.