Share your Photos

Do you have memory cards full of photos from abroad? Share them with USAC! We love to receive student work that is representative of USAC programs across the globe.

If you would like to share your photos via social media or simply donate them for use in promoting the program, send them to email address (please indicate you're donating them); or, of course, visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube: @studyabroadusac! If you have a lot of photos to donate, share them via dropbox or google drive rather than trying to send them as email attachments.

We love photos that capture the essence of your USAC study abroad experience, so anything fun and candid that features your host city, host family, landmarks, field trips, or classroom settings are a specifically needed.

Photos are considered on a rolling basis; you are welcome to submit at any time. To submit for consideration, please send your own (not your friends') full size/high resolution photos to Please include with your submission your name, contact information, home university, and when and where you studied abroad with USAC; identify or "caption" your photos--let us know where and when they were taken, and the story behind the scenario. If you have a lot to submit, please send them to via dropbox or google drive.

*By submitting content to USAC, student gives USAC permission to take and use photographs, videos, and student quotes (including name and home university), without compensation or credit, for the purpose of promoting USAC. Student releases and discharges USAC from any and all claims arising out of use of the photographs, videos, and/or student quotes.