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Career / Looking Forward

By studying abroad, your student has already taken steps to set themselves apart and gain a competitive edge for future opportunities. Your child’s experience can be utilized to their advantage on a number of levels regardless of whether they are interested in working overseas or in the US or continuing on to graduate school.

Employers and admissions committees to graduate and professional schools may not be looking for international experience for its own sake, but they are definitely looking for the skills and attributes students have gained while abroad. They are looking for people who can listen to and understand other points of view, who can literally and figuratively think globally; people who can jump right in to new situations with initiative and a willingness to learn, problem-solve, and think on their feet; people with good communication, conflict-resolution, and relationship-building skills, and the good patience and humor that comes with them. Your student will gain all these things and more while abroad! And these attributes are as marketable as the foreign language proficiency, internship and volunteer experience, and increased knowledge they may also pick up while abroad