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University of Nevada, Reno Advising Guides

University of Nevada Reno logoIf you're ready to start your journey but need your study abroad experience to align with your major or minor, check out our Academic Advising Guides with University of Nevada, Reno course equivalencies to discover programs that offer the courses you need.

In addition to courses, USAC offers a variety of internships, volunteer, and field work opportunities so you can add on to your study abroad and enhance your resume with real-life experience.

Advising Guides

Alicante USAC Resident Director with staff and students in their office.

UNR Specialty Programs

  • Based at a host university where we maintain an office and classroom space
  • Program run by on-site USAC resident director and staff

View UNR Advising Guides for Specialty Programs

Aerial view of Korea University in Seoul, Korea.

UNR Partnership Programs

  • Direct enrollment agreement with a partner university abroad
  • Assistance provided by the university's international office

View UNR Advising Guides for Partnership Programs