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Welcome to USAC

USAC, a nonprofit organization since 1982, has provided students with life-changing opportunities to live and learn in countries around the globe. We have more than 50 affordable, authentic study abroad programs in 26 countries, and strive to provide you with ample opportunities to become engaged, global citizens.

Who We Are

Study Abroad Programs

See the World

You can find USAC programs in every region of the world—from tropical towns and quaint villages to bustling modern cities. Learn more about what each program offers you, including courses, budget sheets, field trips and tours, integrated living, language partners, internships, volunteering, and service-learning opportunities.

Money Matters

Funding Your Journey

Studying abroad is more affordable than you may think. USAC provides more than $2 million in scholarships and discounts annually. Discover dozens of available funding opportunities, tips, and advice for costs living abroad, and more.

Getting Started

Students Beyond Borders

Not sure what you’re looking for or where to begin? Find the right program for you, what to expect when applying, tips and frequently asked questions.


Global Classroom

Want to know how courses, transcripts, and equivalencies are handled on our programs? Find in-depth information our Specialty and Partnership Programs, academic standards, foreign language studies, and more.

Equity and Inclusion

New Culture & You

As you prepare to journey overseas, it's important to learn how to navigate in a new culture as a member of a diverse community. Find a variety of resources, tips and personal experiences to help you understand how your identity may grow, change, and evolve during a study abroad experience.

Health and Safety

Well-Being Abroad

It can be intimidating and exhilarating to study abroad. It’s our top priority that your health and safety are fully supported as you navigate your new home and culture abroad. Find valuable well-being resources, insurance and emergency details for your journey.