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NMSU Students Highlight the Benefits of USAC's Virtual International Internships

USAC's Global Perspective Virtual Internship Program was recently featured in New Mexico's La Cruces Sun News. According to the article, in Fall 2020, New Mexico State University's (NMSU) Education Abroad office began offering USAC's Virtual Internships to its students because of the pandemic's impact on in-person internships. The virtual option introduced students to international companies and colleagues while they gained unique work experience remotely.

"This is an outstanding opportunity for students,” Anne Hubbell, NMSU Department of Communications Studies professor and Honors College associate dean, said, as quoted in the article. “It adds to their resume and shows that they have an international work experience as well as can effectively work online. The reality is that many jobs will continue to be remote, and through this internship, our students have shown that they can work with anyone, anywhere in the world, remotely.”

Jett Barela, a NMSU communication studies graduate student who interned with Transitions, a non-government organization based in Prague, Czech Republic, was quoted saying he felt like he received a full internship experience even though it was virtual.

“While I obviously couldn’t go to the Czech Republic during this time, my work at Transitions felt important and those I worked with would give me feedback and take my opinion into consideration," Barela said. "We would have weekly meetings where I got to understand the work culture of another country, and my work I did this semester will help Transitions in their future endeavors.”

Senior Linh Nguyen shared her virtual internship experience working for a nonprofit networking company, CreativeMornings, in Italy. She was quoted saying her role benefited her professionally, academically and professionally.

“Since I am working for an Italian organization, I have gained intercultural communication skills and opened my eyes about a different culture aspect," Nguyen said. "This internship allows me to make connections in a new job market and distinguish myself for future job.”

Read the full story, published May 15, 2021 by reporter Tiffany Acosta in La Cruces Sun News and explore USAC's upcoming virtual internship opportunities.