Travel and Living Abroad
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Rail Passes

For students studying abroad in European countries, a rail pass can be an economical option for students who wish to visit several different countries in one condensed time period. You can reduce the expense of train travel in most countries by buying a rail pass, which for a certain price offers you almost unlimited travel for a specified period of time. With a rail pass, you won’t have to line up to buy a ticket though you may still need to make reservations.

Many rail passes can only be purchased at home before you go, so you will need to buy the one you want before departure. Otherwise, you’ll need someone else to purchase it on your behalf and forward it to you by registered mail. Be sure to plan ahead to have a general idea of your intended travels. Don’t buy more days than you think you’ll use. The number of days/weeks count down from the moment you start your rail pass.

The passes are non-transferable and will be forfeited if presented by anyone other than person to whom they were issued. Presentation of your passport is required.

Other discounted travel may be available abroad. You will receive information about this process during your on-site orientation or you will be able to inquire with the on-site staff.