Travel and Living Abroad
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Packing Tips

Pack light! Each year students find they have taken too much luggage and regret it. Remember to keep it minimal. You don't want to carry too much and you also want to have extra room to bring back purchases from abroad. It is best to bring neutral clothing that you can layer and mix and match easily. In most cases, you will be able to buy what you need while abroad. A good tip is to lay out what you plan to bring and take half of that. After acceptance you will receive a suggested packing list in your USAC Student Handbook. For some programs, your Program Advisor will email you a country-specific packing list to also help.

If you bring more than the allotted number of items or if those items surpass the weight or size guidelines, you may be charged additional fees by your airline(s). Check with your airline(s) for specific baggage requirements.

If you are living with a family, you may want to consider taking a welcome gift, which can be a good icebreaker. Items such as a local craft or book of photographs of your city or region make great welcome gifts. The gift should be nothing too expensive; it’s more something that represents where you are from.