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Flight Arrangements

It is your responsibility to book and pay for a flight to your program site, as airfare is not included in the program fees to give you maximum flexibility and control.

For many programs, USAC works with a travel agency to organize optional group flights from central departure points in the US, often with an east or west coast departure option. There is no chaperone to accompany students on their flight(s) from the US, but a USAC representative will greet group flight students when they arrive at the program site (Specialty programs only). For your convenience, connecting flights can typically be added. Specific information will be provided on your Student Gateway account once you have been accepted into the program.

It is ultimately your responsibility to sign up and pay the travel agency directly for the group flight. The group flight is designed to accommodate those students who also are planning to participate in a pre-session tour, if available. If you take the group flight but are not participating on an offered pre-session tour, you will need to travel to the USAC program site on your own.

If you choose not to book the optional group flight or if a group flight is not offered for your program site, you must book an independent flight and you will be responsible for your own transportation to travel to the program site. When making your flight reservations, be sure to arrive in time for your program orientation and to depart after the final examinations; it is required that you be at the program site for both.

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