Istanbul, Turkey
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Field Trips for Istanbul, Turkey

Opportunities including conferences, seminars, plays, movies, concerts, and exhibitions and a rich diversity of clubs and organizations are available on campus and students are strongly encouraged to dive in and participate. Throughout the semester, the Bahçeşehir International Student Association (BISA) and Erasmus Student Network (ESN) clubs organize welcome and goodbye parties as well as tours to different sites in Turkey, such as Izmir-Ephesus, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Antalya, and sometimes to nearby countries such as Greece. USAC students are welcome to sign up; more information is available upon arrival as the trips are organized.

Common field trip and activity destinations often include:

Princes Islands

The Princes Islands are composed of 9 small islands in the Marmara Sea. Being a popular destination for both locals and tourists, the islands offer a quiet, peaceful day to enjoy the nature and the beaches. As there are no cars on the island, the transportation is by bicycle, horse carriages and foot. It is also possible to see Victorian style summer cottages built by Ottoman, Greek, Jew and Armenian families.

Topkapi Palace

For four hundred years, Topkapi Palace was the administrative, educational and art centre of the Ottoman Empire. The Square of Justice, Imperial Council, State Treasury, Harem, the Chamber of Sultan, Prophet Mohammed's belongings and many other sections will give you a better understanding of Ottoman lifestyle and customs. You can see both Islamic and Christian elements such as relics, rugs, and porcelains. The palace also offers a spectacular view of the Bosporus.

Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is the world’s oldest shopping mall with approximately 4400 shops. One can find jewelery, Turkish ceramics, textiles, carpets, souvenirs and local flavours. Hippodrome was the centre of Roman and Byzantine Constantinople, built in 200 A.D. It was the centre of the civil and sports activities. The building no longer stands, but the obelisks and sculptures that have been collected still remain.

Istanbul Modern

Turkey’s first private museum to organize modern and contemporary art exhibitions, Istanbul Modern Art Museum is definitely a must see with its interactive activities, permanent and temporary exhibition galleries and photography galleries.

Old City Tour

A day trip to the famous landmarks of Istanbul such as; Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), Basilica Cistern, Million stone, Egyptian Bazaar, Gulhane Park.

Bosporus Boat Tour

Touring by water is a great way to explore the city through the waterway separating Europe and Asia. Old wooden villas, fortresses, small fishing villages, Dolmabahce and Ciragan Palace, Maiden Tower, the Bosporus Bridge, Golden Horn, Ortakoy and many other landmarks can be seen in this traditional excursion.