Khon Kaen, Thailand
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Tours and Field Studies for Khon Kaen, Thailand

USAC encourages you to participate in the tours; however, they are optional and have an additional fee. Destinations may change at the discretion of the Resident Director.

The following are possible destinations, view term calendars for specifics.

Bangkok Tour

Arrive with the group in Bangkok and explore the capital of Thailand. Visit well-known sites including the Siam Center, Erawan Shrine, Pratunam Market, Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and more! At the end of the tour, travel with the group by train to Khon Kaen.

Trekking Tour to Phu Khieo Wildlife Reserve

Though rarely visited by foreigners, the remote and wildlife-rich Phu Khieo Wildlife Reserve is a favorite destination of many Thailand-based trekkers and birdwatchers. It features a mix of forest, field, and lake and is excellent for White-winged Duck, Siamese Fireback, Silver Pheasant, Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo, and Austen’s Brown Hornbill. Trekking in Isan is quite a different experience from trekking in Northern Thailand. Our treks cut through beautiful mountain scenery west of Khon Kaen taking you to some very remote places that go not just beyond the beaten path, but sometimes beyond any path at all. There are no hilltribe villages to visit; just deep forest, wildlife, gorgeous scenery, and splendid isolation.

Phu Wiang National Park Tour

Nobody had ever thought the Isan plateau was once the home of dinosaurs until 1976 when a uranium survey team discovered a fossil found to be the knee bone of a dinosaur after being examined by French specialists. In the park, geologists have found many dinosaur fossils. These fossils are now displayed in the museum of the Department of Mineral Resources. Besides fossils of dinosaurs, there are also traces of ancient civilizations.

Isan History and Silk Tour

The tour takes you to one of northern Isan's largest and best preserved Khmer ruins, Prasat Puay Noi, and a temple with original and now very rare Isan-style murals, which are far different from the murals found in modern temples. We will take you to Chonnabot, one of Thailand's most famous silk regions, to see the process of making silk fabric, from raising the silk worms to spinning and dying the thread to the painstaking hand-weaving. You will learn how and why Thai Silk has gained world best quality of silk.