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Växjö / Kalmar Courses – 2022 Summer

Studying abroad can be a more meaningful and invigorating learning experience than at home—both inside and outside of the classroom. You may be more curious and alert than you usually are so use this heightened energy to enhance your studies as well as your cultural and geographical explorations. You may also encounter different teaching styles and course processes; be prepared to adapt and to learn.

Linneaus University Summer Academy

USAC’s partnership with Linneaus University provides you with the opportunity to take part in Linneaus University's Summer Academy (LUSA), which enrolls international and Swedish students alike. All LUSA courses are taught at the campus in Kalmar and all courses are taught in English. You will enroll in one course worth 7.5 Swedish/ECTS (approximately 3.75 U.S. credits) during the summer session. Additional courses are not possible. If you require additional credit to meet financial aid eligibility requirements, you should consider seeing if your home university will allow you to take summer credits at home before the Linnaeus program, or online.


2022 LUSA courses are still being determined, however, past LUSA courses are listed below. Courses are subject to availability and approval of prerequisites which are determined by Linnaeus University.

  • Globalization, Politics and Social Media - explore views on the relationship between the internet, global power and democracy, how the internet impacts political systems and how political actors use the internet to either preserve or disrupt authoritarian and democratic systems.
  • Media and News Literary - develop appropriate skills and source criticism so that you can critically evaluate media and news content.
  • Discovery of a Sustainable Baltic Sea - explore a wide range of innovations and success stories and face challenges to sustainability in health, ecosystems, cities, climate change, energy, maritime transport, water use, education, and life-long learning.
  • eHealth in a Global Perspective - learn an overview of eHealth from different perspectivies, explore and discuss the opportunities and challenges of eHealth in different countries and from a global perspective.
  • Environmental Technology for Sustainable Development - Start by learning the foundations for our existence, the production and eco services provided by our planet. Next, learn about natural resources, renewable energy, economic growth, and assess the environmental impact of human activity. Lastly, focus on entrepreneurs' production conditions and the role of modern officials and engineers.
  • Drones and its Application - cover developments in drone technologies, innovative uses for drones and how drone use will impact society. Students will get access to the latest drones and learn how to fly them.
  • Outdoor Leisure and Sport in the Swedish Landscape - this course will provide you knowledge in an interdisciplinary perspective on nature's opportunities for physical activity, outdoor recreation and sports with focus on the sustainable use of nature's resources.
  • Astrid Lindgren and Swedish Children's Literature - you will get a basic understanding on how children's literature developed after the Second World War in Sweden and how Lindgren, among other authors, changes the genre.
  • Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation - in a Swedish Context - this course will introduce the phenomena of entrepreneurship and inspire the student to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and competence. You will accuire skills in the science and art of seeing and acting on opportunities.
  • Globalization of Knowledge Intensive Enterprises - explore the role of network relationships in the internationalization of small knowledge-intensive Enterprises by highlighting their local and often spatially concentrated network relationships, which can serve as a significant local resources.
  • Sensory Branding - this course will introduce how to master the five senses strategically in order to engage consumers emotionally towards brands.
  • Beginners' Swedish, part 1 - learn some of the basic vocabulary and the key structures of Swedish alongside practicing the language and your communicative abilities.

Quick Details

2022-23 App. Cycle

Summer: Open
Fall/Yearlong: Open
Spring: Open


Minimum GPA: 3.0

Minimum class standing:

Summer: Sophomore

Semester: Junior

Open to degree-seeking students attending a 4-year institution at the time of application

Program Type




Program Capacity

Summer: 30 students

Semester: 20 students


English | Swedish

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