Madrid, Spain
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Field Studies for Madrid, Spain

USAC helps you explore the cultural, historical, and natural features of the region with carefully planned excursions. These experiences combined with academic components (readings, research, written assignments, reports, etc.) deepen your understanding of what you are exploring. A field study course counts as part of your credit load.

Each semester in Madrid, USAC offers an exciting four-day, 1-credit field study trip to explore a distinctive region of Spain. To participate, students are required to enroll in the Field Study course and complete the assigned work. This course cannot be taken as an audit. A minimum enrollment of 20 students is required for the trip to take place. This segment is optional and has an additional fee, which includes transportation, guides, museum entrances and other points of interest, hotel accommodations and meals (breakfast and dinner only). You will register for the field study on your Course and Tour Registration Form.

Basque Country

We will visit some of the most important sites of this area of northern Spain with its varied landscape and profound regional identity. Cities visited include the home of two other USAC programs: Bilbao, home of the striking Guggenheim Museum, and San Sebastián, famous for its beaches, scenery, and gastronomy.

Galicia Field Study—Celtic Spain (Santiago de Compostela)

In this Field Study, we will visit Spain´s northwest corner and greenest region, Galicia. A magical land of pilgrims, Celtic-influenced legends, white beaches and seafarers, Galicia has a medieval quality that has successfully withstood the test of time. Stops include Santiago de Compostela, final destination of the Camino de Santiago, and O Grove, a small fishing village. Students will go on a boat trip down the Ria Arousa and will see, first-hand, how mussel farming is done. They will also participate in a cooking and traditional dance/music workshop, which takes place at the eco-lodge where they'll be housed on this four-day adventure. This trip is an excellent chance to see a delightfully different side of Spain, one that is deeply influenced by agriculture, the fishing industry, and the cult of St. James.

Andalucía Field Study - Córdoba, Granada, and Sevilla

Andalucia is a fascinating place for its spectacular Moorish monuments, beautiful white hill towns, sparkling blue coast and natural beauty of its mountainous country. This region is made up of eight provinces, all of which have their own unique culture and traditions. Stops on this itinerary include: Granada, Cordoba, and Sevilla. Some of the group activities include going to a flamenco show, touring the famous Alhambra and visiting a unique mosque-cathedral.