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Lisbon Courses – 2022 Spring

Students can choose from a wide range of undergraduate courses taught in English, focusing on language, culture, social sciences, and humanities at the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa (UCP). Also available to us are numerous courses in “Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE),” a new department and full degree program starting Fall 2021.

Even though the Global Education Office (GEO) is within Human Sciences, our students can take courses in select departments across the university. There is potential to expand course offerings across departments as our partnership grows.


  • UCP Students typically take between 24 and 30 ECTS total = 4 to 5 courses per semester
  • Can direct enroll in regular FCH undergraduate class taught in Portuguese if student fluency allows
  • Numerous undergraduate classes (various disciplines) taught in English at the FCH, open to all GEO students (syllabi available)
  • Semester courses are offered in Portuguese as a foreign language (most levels)
  • Service Learning options and Internships available
    • 10 hrs/week * 15 weeks = 150 hrs and 6 ECTS credits
    • 20 hrs/week * 15 weeks = 300 hrs and 12 ECTS credits

Service Learning and Internship Examples

UCP is especially strong in communication and culture studies and has many links with media organizations, arts organizations, and non-profits. They also have a robust social work program where students are required to engage in service learning opportunities.

Service learning options have a tentative outline of 10 hours/week (15 weeks) or 20 hours (15 weeks). For summer service learning opportunities, the weekly hourly commitments would be more intensive in order to fit the total number of service hours into 8 weeks.

Course Descriptions

Please contact the USAC Advising department to obtain course syllabi.

Quick Details

2022-23 App. Cycle

Summer Session I (4 weeks): Open
Summer Session I&II (8 weeks): Open
Fall/Yearlong: Open
Spring: Open


Minimum GPA: 2.5

Program Type



Overseas Credit

Program Capacity

30 students


English | Portuguese

Passport & Visa

Passport & Visa Information