Oslo, Norway
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On-Site Staff for Oslo, Norway

The Oslo program is administered in the US by the USAC Central Office. At the University of Oslo, the staff of the Student Information and Communications Office will answer questions about student housing and other practical matters, provide the mandatory orientation, assist with class registration, and arrange the special events program. USAC students also have the option to be paired with in a Norwegian Buddy Group to help orient them to the university and surrounding areas. The staff at the University of Oslo also do a wonderful job at keeping students from abroad informed about events on campus and in the community, allowing them to further immerse into Norwegian culture.

In addition to the outstanding support available from the UiO, USAC has a part-time Resident Director, Marius Thomassen, who is also available to USAC students. Marius helps you adjust to life in Oslo, troubleshoots issues, and helps you understand UiO and Norwegian education system. During the first few days of the term he will host a USAC orientation which includes a walking tour of the city, welcome lunch, and trip to IKEA. Marius will also organize group events for USAC students, and help keep you informed of what’s going on in the city. He also hosts a USAC brunch each month and is available for one-on-one meetings throughout the semester.