Program Highlights for Oslo, Norway

This program is currently on hold as we pursue a partnership with a new host university, which we hope to have resolved by the fall 2020 session.

In the meantime, check out the following USAC programs which will provide you with a similar experience:

  • Participate in social and sports activities in numerous clubs and societies on campus.
  • Enjoy living less than 20 minutes away from ski slopes, the Oslo fjord, and other scenic destinations, with plenty of opportunities for cross-country skiing as well as hiking and biking.
  • The staff at the Student Information and Communications office, as well as the USAC Resident Director, are on-site to welcome and support you during your term abroad.

Why Study in Oslo?

The Oslo program offers the opportunity to live in a city made for outdoor enthusiasts—surrounded by fjords and forests, with numerous sports at your fingertips in every season. Students begin their stay in Oslo with an on-site orientation to the university and the Oslo region, as well as social activities. Throughout the semester in Oslo, field trips are organized for international students to give you the unique opportunity to discover all that Oslo and Norway have to offer.