Wellington, New Zealand
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About Wellington, New Zealand

  • Population: 200,100
  • Distance from Palmerston North: 140 km
  • Distance from Wellington: 646 km


The city of Wellington is located at the southern tip of the Northern Island of New Zealand. The city itself is the country's third most populous urban area and the Wellington region surrounding the city has a population of almost 500,000 people.  It is a very young city with almost 60% of its population between the ages of 18-49, making it a great place to study abroad in New Zealand.

The old Public Trust Building in Lambton Quay is an example of early Victorian architecture in Wellington, built entirely from granite.

The old Public Trust Building in Lambton Quay is an ...

As the capital of New Zealand, Wellington is the center of government, as well as a world-class culinary and cultural capital.  Visitors can take advantage of the thriving arts scene by visiting the many museums, galleries, theaters, festivals and events.  Wellington is also a world-renowned hub for creative industries and is also the home of the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX).  The city is situated alongside Wellington Harbour and reportedly has more cafés, bars, and restaurants than New York City.

Called the world's “coolest little capital”, Wellington offers the benefits of a large urban area while maintaining a smaller feel and satisfying the needs of those who thrive in the outdoors.  You will see many of the city's residents walking or jogging to work, and nearly all residents are within two miles of the sea.  Thanks to its coastal location, residents and visitors alike have easy access to over 300 miles of coastline and over 200 miles of mountain bike and walking trails around the city.

Conveniently close to Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific, New Zealand itself is truly spectacular: Renowned for its natural resources and breathtaking scenery, the country is also regarded by travelers as particularly safe and welcoming.

Being located in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand's seasons are the reverse of those in the United States. The New Zealand program in Wellington takes place during the summer months of the northern hemisphere which is the winter season in New Zealand. Wellington is sunny and mild most of the year, however strong winds through the Cook Straight have given it the name “Windy Wellington” and July in Wellington is its coolest month.