Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
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About Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Hawke's Bay Province

  • Population of province: 159,000
  • Distance from Palmerston North: 160 km
  • Distance from Wellington: 200 km
Te Mata Peak.

Te Mata Peak.

Hawke’s Bay Province stretches along the eastern shore of the Northern Island of New Zealand. It is a region full of fertile farms and vineyards, beautiful coastline, phenomenal beaches, volcanos, mountain ranges, and forests. This mecca of adventurous living is home to regular farmer’s markets and food festivals; Hawke’s Bay is truly a culinary paradise.

In the various towns in the region you’ll find restored art-deco ruins and architecture, small businesses, boutiques, and shops set amidst rolling hills and an abundance of sunshine.

There are two major urban areas in the Hawke’s Bay region: Hastings and Napier. Less than twenty kilometers apart and commonly referred to as “The Twin Cities,” these two cities they are often combined in official statistics. The Hastings-Napier district, often referred to as the “Fruit Bowl of New Zealand,” is nationally famous for being a region of food production, with an abundance of stone fruits, pome fruits, and vegetables. It is also the base of New Zealand’s red wine industry, making it the ideal location for students to intern in a variety of placements related to food and agricultural production.

Conveniently close to Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific, New Zealand itself is truly spectacular: Renowned for its natural resources and breathtaking scenery, the country is also regarded by travelers as particularly safe and welcoming.

Being located in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand’s seasons are the reverse of those in the United States. The New Zealand program in Hawke’s Bay takes place during the summer months of the northern hemisphere which is the winter season in New Zealand. The winter weather in New Zealand can fluctuate daily but the region of Hawke’s Bay is known for its mild, temperate climate.