Seoul, Korea
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Seoul Courses - 2020 Kookmin Summer

Summer Session I has been cancelled due to CDC and State Department advisory levels.  A decision regarding Summer Session II will be made mid-April. Please check back here for updates.

Studying abroad can be a more meaningful and invigorating learning experience than studying at home — both inside and outside of the classroom. While abroad, you may find you’re more curious and alert. This increased focus may help enhance your studies and your explorations. You will likely encounter different teaching styles and course processes abroad so be prepared to adapt and to learn at a fast pace.


USAC’s partnership with Kookmin University offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Korean culture while learning the Korean language. You will enroll in the combined curriculum program, where you will earn two-credits in Korean language and two-credits in Korean culture. Courses are subject to availability and approval of prerequisites which are determined by Kookmin University.

Areas of Study at Kookmin University (subject to change):

Korean Language

Korean language classes will be assigned depending on your Korean language proficiency. While most students are enrolled in Basic Korean (no prior knowledge of Korean) or Beginner Korean, Kookmin University can accommodate intermediate and advanced students as well. 

  • Basic Korean
  • Basic Korean
  • Korean 1
  • Korean 2
  • Korean 3
  • Korean Conversation
  • Current Issues in Korean
  • Understanding Korean Grammar through Film
  • Pragmatics in Korean
  • Understanding Korean Discourse
  • Korean Language and Literature

Korean Cultural Experiences

While attending the summer program, you will participate in different activities. The purpose of these excursions are to give you a better understanding of the Korean culture. Some of the afternoon activities may include:

  • Calligraphy
  • Korean Food
  • K-Pop Dance
  • Visit to the Myungwon Folk House with a Korean Tea Ceremony, wearing traditional Korean clothing (Hanbok)
  • Taekwondo
  • Traditional Percussion Quartet (Samulnori)

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are available upon request. Contact your Program Advisor for more information.