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Seoul Courses – 2020-21 Kookmin Yearlong

Studying abroad can be a more meaningful and invigorating learning experience than at home—both inside and outside of the classroom. You may be more curious and alert than you usually are so use this heightened energy to enhance your studies as well as your cultural and geographical explorations. You may also encounter different teaching styles and course processes; be prepared to adapt and to learn.


USAC’s partnership with Kookmin University provides you with a wide array of courses taught in English. You are required to enroll in the equivalency of at least 12 US credits per semester. A typical course load at Kookmin is 12-15 credits per semester. Areas of study believed to be of most interest to USAC students are included below as a sample of what the University offers. Courses are subject to availability and approval of prerequisites which are determined by Kookmin University.

Areas of Study at Kookmin University (subject to change):


Portfolio submission required.

  • Fine Arts

Business Administration

  • Business Administration
  • Management Information Systems
  • KMU International Business School
  • Finance & Accounting


Portfolio submission required.

  • Industrial Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Metalwork & Jewelry
  • Ceramics
  • Fashion Design
  • Spatial Design
  • Entertainment Design (limited space)
  • Automotive & Transportation Design

Economics & Commerce

  • Economics
  • Commerce & Finance

Humanities & Area Studies

  • Korean Language & Literature (Recommended for students who wish to take General Education classes at Kookmin)
  • English Language & Literature
  • Chinese Studies
  • Eurasian Studies
  • Japanese Studies

Korean Language

  • Basic Korean
  • Korean 1
  • Korean 2
  • Korean 3
  • Korean Conversation
  • Current Issues in Korean
  • Understanding Korean Grammar through Film
  • Pragmatics in Korean
  • Understanding Korean Discourse
  • Korean Language and Literature

Social Sciences

  • Public Administration & Public Policy
  • Political Science & International Relations
  • Sociology
  • Communications (Choose from Media & Communication or Advertising & Public Relations major)
  • Education

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are available upon request. Contact your Program Advisor for more information.

Quick Details

2020-21 App. Cycle

Kookmin University

Spring: Open

Yonsei University

January Session I (3 weeks): Open

January Session I&II (5 weeks): Open

Spring: Open

2021-22 App. Cycle

Kookmin University

Summer: Opens 9/1

Fall/Yearlong: Opens 9/1

Spring: Open 9/1

Yonsei University

Summer: Opens 9/1

Fall/Yearlong: Opens 9/1

January programs: Opens 9/1

Spring: Opens 9/1


Kookmin Univ. Summer

Minimum GPA: 2.5

Kookmin Univ. Semester

Minimum GPA: 2.5

Minimum class standing: Sophomore

Open to degree-seeking students currently attending a 4-year institution

Yonsei Univ. Summer/January

Minimum GPA: 2.5

Yonsei Univ. Semester

Minimum GPA: 2.5

Minimum class standing: Sophomore

Degree-seeking students currently attending a 4-year institution

Program Type



Overseas credit

Program Capacity

Kookmin: 40 students

Yonsei: 20 students


English | Korean

Passport & Visa

Passport & Visa Information