Bangalore, India

On-Site Staff for Bangalore (Bengaluru), India

Bangalore's Resident Director, Jacob John is located on campus to assist you with anything you need.

Bangalore's Resident Director, Jacob John is located on ...

The Bangalore (Bengaluru) program has a Resident Director who oversees the USAC office abroad and is responsible for the overall operations of the program: securing appropriate student housing, hiring outstanding faculty, organizing exciting field trips, and overseeing your general well-being. Jacob John is the Resident Director for the Bangalore program and is a nine-year veteran of USAC. Jacob graduated from Christ University with a degree in Catering and Hospitality Management. He has been a resident of Bangalore for more than 43 years and speaks Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and English. Seema Shaji also assists USAC students at Christ University while in Bangalore. The on-site staff will provide the mandatory orientation, help you with your cultural, social and educational adjustment, assist with your class registration and housing, organize local field trips, and oversee your general well-being.