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Virtual Internship Courses – 2020 Summer

USAC Virtual Internships are composed of two distinct, yet interrelated components, an online internship seminar and internship hours completed remotely online with a placement site abroad in a given career field. The Virtual Internship Program (seminar + placement) is worth 3 semester credits.

Global Internship Seminar

The Global Internship seminar is a 15-hour online seminar that will provide you with essential information to make the most of your internship experience. This online course explores topics such as organizational frameworks and cultures, professional identity, personal branding, and networking that will contribute to your personal, academic, and professional development.

The online seminar will be delivered asynchronously using the Microsoft Teams for Education online learning platform, allowing students to work through the course content at their own pace and in ways that complement their virtual internship experience.

Virtual Internship Placements

Internship hours will be completed with a placement site in one of the following career fields. You will work together with your site supervisor to develop a schedule and work responsibilities relevant to your particular placement. Virtual internships require a minimum 120 hours in addition to the internship seminar.

Digital marketing and social media management

Digital marketing and social media management intern responsibilities may include performing market research, contribute to digital marketing campaigns, develop web and print content, graphic and web design, and video production and editing, promote marketing campaigns, products, or events, and support web and social media management.

Placements available in China, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Thailand, and Uruguay


Business interns may be asked to contribute to business strategy and marketing, new business development, database research, product design and promotion, client engagement, business plan development and presentation, business operations, financial management, and logistics, among others.

Placements available in China, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, and Thailand

Event planning

Event planning interns may be expected to participate in developing engaging and creative web and social media content, developing search engine optimization and analytics strategies, organize event calendars, manage client relations, and identify potential business partnerships.

Placements available in China and Italy

Electrical/Control Engineering

Engineering interns will work on one of a number of projects at the Mercorelli Lab at Leuphana University using Matlab or Simulink. Projects include modeling and control of atomic force microscope, Kalman Filter using wavelet packets, modeling, identification, and control of thermal systems, and robotic systems controls.

Placements available in Germany


Translation interns will work with their placement site to translate various materials, including marketing and publication materials, into English. Advanced language proficiency is required.

Placements available in China and Spain

Social welfare

Interns working with NGOs and other organizations on social service projects will be expected to contribute to grant proposals and other fundraising activities, to conduct research relevant to projects or campaigns of the organization, project management, and data entry and analysis.

Placements available in Ghana , Thailand, and Uruguay

English language instruction

English-language instruction interns will plan lessons and provide English language instruction for children and adults focusing on daily language use, pronunciation, professional vocabulary development, and reading and conversational proficiency. Other responsibilities include tutoring individual students or small groups, giving presentations, developing holistic communication strategies, and creating supportive learning environments.

Placements available in China, Costa Rica, Thailand and Uruguay


Journalism interns may be asked to conduct content research, contribute content for online publications focusing on topics and events relevant to the locale, copy editing, assisting in publication, monitor media partners and news agency publications, and help manage social media accounts.

Placements available in China, Czech Republic, and France

Reserach and Grant-Writing

Research and grant-writing interns can be expected to participate in research projects being conducted by the placement site, perform comparative analyses on selected topics, edit and proofread translations and narrative reports, search for new research topics and materials, contribute to grant-writing and fundraising campaigns, managing financial reports, and researching new donors.

Placements available in Czech Republic, Ghana, and Thailand


Health/Wellness interns will work collecting data and preparing learning materials on Thai herbs and traditional Thai medicine, work with organizations promoting access to health care services to vulnerable populations, and contribute to public health campaigns.

Placement available in Thailand

Additional Offerings


  • Summer
    300-level3 creditsTaught in English
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Quick Details

2020-21 App. Cycle

Summer: Open


Minimum GPA: 3.0

Sophomore standing or higher

Interview required

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3 US credits